About Us

Fourfront Sales was founded in 1999 by Mike Pierce with a vision of becoming a “best in class” manufacture’s representative firm in a highly competitive and very fast paced global market. In 2004, Fourfront Sales combined forces with another very successful manufacture rep firm “Phase II”. At which point David Selby teamed up with Mike Pierce as a partner at Fourfront Sales. Together Mike and David have created a company that has been extremely successful for our customers, principals and our employees.

Our firm is entrenched in the Northern California market, and provides our principals immediate access to our customers and channel partners in this critical marketplace. Our reputation and robust line card (hotlink) make our sales professionals a destination for progressive companies looking to design the technology our principals produce directly into their products. This is our goal.

As a dedicated partner to our principals, Fourfront is committed to not only effectively representing their product lines, but proactively seeking new sales opportunities that expand their market share,revenue and profitability.

We are committed to our principal’s success!